CPHI Japan 2020

2019-12-06 1008Second

     2910108247.pngThe world pharmaceutical raw materials (Japan) Exhibition (CPHI Japan 2020) will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from March 16-18, 2020. The exhibition, which has been held annually since 2002, is one of the series exhibitions of pharmaceutical raw materials held in the world and the largest international pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition in Japan.

    Japan is the second largest pharmaceutical raw material market in the world, accounting for 15% of the total value of the world prescription drug market. It is for Chinese export enterprises to further explore the Asian market and the export of Chinese pharmaceutical raw materials. It is also for Chinese pharmaceutical raw materials enterprises to have more opportunities to enter the international market.

    The 18th world pharmaceutical raw materials (Japan) exhibition held in 2019 was very successful, attracting more than 500 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions around the world (including more than 180 exhibitors from Japan) and more than 20000 visitors.

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